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Vatel Switzerland - International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management

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Vatel Switzerland, International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management   Created more than 30 years ago, Vatel is currently the first and largest group of hotel management schools in the world with more than 30 campuses on 4 different continents.  Currently more than 8000 students are studying and training their future operational and executive skills to become one of the 25000 graduates who all belong to the same prestigious network. Recognised by top representatives o… [+] f the hotel industry, the school has an international recognition thanks to the teaching concept of the right balance between academic theory and professional practice. Vatel, International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management is well known around the world for preparing students for middle and higher management positions in the booming sector of the tourism industry and has decided to remain faithful and close to the needs of the sector by regularly questionning professionals about what they need in terms of staff and knowledge.   Vatel has developed a strong network through which the International Training department assists each student for internships and employment in reputed hotel chains all over the world. The Vatel International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management ranks 1st amongst the Top Hotel Schools across Europe (source IFOP 2007). Both the under graduate and post graduate programmes in the group are recognized by the French Education ministry and by the Hospitality Industry professionals.   Vatel Switzerland   The school is located in a breathaking environment close to winter resorts and in a very touristic region of Switzerland. Students of all cultures and nationalities are united on the same campus attending demanding university education level courses and practical instruction in its 4 star hotel, its restaurant and congress center are located at the bottom of the mountains. Even though the degrees are recognized by the French government and State, and therefore at an international level as part of the Bologna agreements, the school is also currently running for the Swiss federal recognition valid from 2015 for all students finishing after that year and is a proud member of the ASEH (Swiss Association of Hotel Schools). So far, Vatel Switzerland is the only hotel school in Switzerland to offer a 4* hotel to its students directly on campus all year for external guests. This allows Vatel students to train every 2 weeks what they have learnt in classrooms throughout the 3 years of the Bachelor programme and be more attractive on the market or during internships. Master students then have mainly demanding academic classes and challenging projects to work on, before joining a management trainee programme that leads to employment. Students may live on campus within the hotel infrastructure or live in the area, off site. The school is regularly approached by external stakeholders to allow students to work next to their studies and therefore keep a narrow relation with the real world. It is also proud to participate in cutting-edge projects with leading institutes such as IDIAP, EPFL or Cornell to help understand the use of technology in service oriented fields or situations. The advantages of studying at VATEL Switzerland are the following: The demanding programmes are a subtle blend of academically challenging projects given by highly trained professors and practice oriented exercises – professors are largely from the industry or still run their own company\  First technological campus with a low impact on environment thanks to tuition on tablets only Regular conferences with external distinguished guest speakers and workshops to adapt to other culturally different environments Students on internship in Switzerland can expect a minimum monthly wage of CHF 2168.- (USD 2200 per month) Our second trainee management internship allows students to secure interesting job opportunities directly after graduation Our 25 000 alumni network with Clubs in various large cities of the world includes people from all over the globe working in renowned hotels and willing to help the next generation get started Small classes and personalized service give students the opportunity to study in ideal conditions, in a safe and discrete environment Student Life is highly supported thanks to our Student Life Coordination and the Student Fund that helps to financially support projects or events that students wish to create. Unemployment rate of 3.0% guarantees our students an easy approach to internships and job opportunities. Placement is an important of your education and we pay close attention to it by allowing you a full support in searching for your first job and organizing job fairs for HR Directors and departments   [-]

Universidad Autónoma de Asunción

Paraguai Assunção February 2016

La organización se sostiene en dos pilares fundamentales: el Académico y el Económico Administrativo. El académico está presidido por el Rector y el Consejo Superior Universitario y el económico-administrativo, por el Consejo de Administración y sus Directores.   El Secretario General del Consejo de Administración lo es también del Consejo Superior Universitario, además de constituir nexo entre ambos… [+] Consejos y entre el Consejo de Administración y el Rector.   El Consejo de Administración está constituido por los miembros del Consejo Directivo de la Asociación que mantiene a la Universidad. A la cabeza del Consejo de Administración se encuentra el Presidente.   En el Consejo Superior Universitario se hallan representados todos los estamentos de la Universidad: docentes, alumnos, personal administrativo y de servicios, egresados no docentes, autoridades académicas y un representante del Consejo de Administración. El Rector preside el Consejo Superior Universitario, órgano legislativo de la Universidad y constituye la más alta jerarquía del estamento académico, compuesto por los Consejos de Facultades, Decanos, Directores de Departamentos Académicos, Directores de Institutos, Centros y Profesores.   Los Directores, miembros del Consejo de Administración, tienen asignadas funciones ejecutivas en las áreas administrativa y económico - financiera; y funciones de monitoreo, en el área académica.   La Organización Académica se halla descentralizada en Departamentos Académicos, que dependen orgánicamente de la Facultad en la que se hallan inscriptos.   Los Departamentos Académicos constituyen el brazo ejecutivo de la organización académica. Su responsabilidad es planificar, organizar, dirigir y controlar las Carreras, Cursos y Programas de Estudio. Las Facultades y sus autoridades proporcionan el marco académico a los Departamentos Académicos y constituyen el ente legislativo y contralor de su actividad.   A la cabeza de cada Departamento Académico se halla un Director de Departamento, que además de dirigirlo, se encarga de atender las inquietudes de los alumnos de su departamento, asesorar y orientar a los alumnos de su Departamento.   El otro brazo de la Organización Académica lo constituyen las Direcciones, a través de las cuales se planifica, coordina, complementa, promueve y evalúa el desempeño de las Facultades en las principales funciones de la Universidad: docencia, investigación y extensión.   Para cumplir con su labor de gestión académica, el Vicerrectorado interactúa directamente con los Decanos de las respectivas Facultades y con los Directores de las unidades de apoyo o Direcciones.     Misión   "Somos una Universidad, inclusiva, comprometida con la innovación y la excelencia en la generación, trasmisión, preservación y aplicación del conocimiento para beneficio de la sociedad."     Visión   Ser una Universidad reconocida nacional e internacionalmente por su educación de buena calidad. [-]